Take a look at what other authors and readers are saying about author Goran K. King and ‘No Time to Duck’!

Goran K King writes of a time and place that were magical. The digital revolution was still 20 years off and Casey and his band roam the countryside looking for adventure and rarely asking permission, from home, mom, farmers etc. This was a splendid time to be a 13 year old boy and range over the New England countryside without care. If you fell in love with Huck and Tom, as a child, you’ll be equally spellbound by Casey, Tim and company.

Goran says more episodes are in the works, so get caught up now; it’s an adventure you’ll savor!

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading; “NO TIME TO DUCK” By: Goran K. King. This book, which is centralized around the formative years, fishing, & adventures in discovery within the adolescent experience of yesteryear, not only lifted my spirits but also caused me to grin with delight. A true page-turner in every aspect of the definition! Mr. King successfully combined both humor and intrigue to produce a book that is guaranteed to elevate your soul and take you on a journey with a rewarding climax. Author John Simpson.”

John Simpson ~ Author

They’re eating Calvin? This is dark, funny, sweet, and nostalgic. I am tres’ impressed. A great pre teen book. My nephew would like this. Again … what a flow, and these kids are something that I think most boys in general will be able to relate to. Thank you. I will be getting this one for my Nephew for Christmas. You ought to be proud of your work.

Stacy Lloyd ~ Author

By Amazon Customer on June 14, 2016

This book really brings to life the carefree fun of growing up in a rural area 50+ years ago. No TV, video games, or terrorists to worry about. The only worry is what to do the following day! The characters are interesting, the dialogue is great, and the book flows nicely. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes a tale of a boys endless Summer and first love.

By Mark on February 13, 2016

Entertaining. Brought back memories of life on the farm. What a fun childhood. Not many kids today will have the chance for this much fun!

“Well, this is a surprisingly good and funny read, we’ve all been young micheivious kids at some time and this is a joyful reconstruction of those times. I swear those boys sound just like my brother, and I imagine every reader will feel the same. A great read, this is going straight onto my “must buy” list. Well Done.”

Angela Hooper

Author of 'IN DARK MINDS'

“Goran K King is a refreshingly literate voice in a room often echoing with the mediocre. His writing flows with knowing ease, and his images are both new and entertaining; ‘I’d rather french-kiss a rattlesnake’; ‘coke bottle lenses’. The humor is never forced, and his characters move the narrative forward with splendid dialogue and wonderful activity. Underscoring the apparent simplicity is an informed ability to capture the reader’s imagination… and to hold it. This is an impressive addition to the genre. Congratulations.”

Mark McKirdy ~ Author

By Kyle on June 20, 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed reading No Time To Duck. It was hilarious from front to back. I learned that one armpit hair can cause many issues growing up. Strongly recommend this book to anyone that is willing to laugh.

“The style of writing is fantastic. It is reminiscent of Mark Twain’s best works, although duly updated where the kids are not that innocent. The few mild sexist remarks here and there, but that’s fair enough 130 years on, and also the greater level of pseudo-wickedness. I don’t think Tom or Huck would have hoped to keep an accidental death a secret, that was more Injun Joe’s Dept! But again, fair enough in this world where kids aren’t kids very long. It’s also humorous, and the first read is tricky, but in a good way. I really thought he was a ghost and that Casey was being taunted by him! But another read made me realise. Or has it?! This is an education for a waffler like me to follow suit. Less narrative, less preamble, and get ‘there’ earlier. Well done, Mate, I hope it sells by the lorry load, as it may well do, as you are off to a good start. I thought the cover was a bit ropey, though. Did I say ropey? Sorry, I meant absolutely outstanding/astounding ( take yer choice, oh ok, both! ).”

John Hains ~ Author

“Still reading, I can’t help but feel like I am there watching everything unfold! I love the way you pull the reader into the story. I can’t wait to finish it. This has got to be one of the best stories I have read in a long time! Keep up the good work Goran..This is great stuff!”

Jo Walker