About the author

“A witty, gifted storyteller”, that’s how people describe the author Goran K. King who had an adventuresome childhood while growing up in New England. ‘No Time to Duck’ is the author’s first book in the Casey Raymond Book Series.

A word from the author

“What was it like before computers, video games and cell phones? Back in a time when one had to seek out his or her own adventure, there was no sitting in front of an electronic device all day being force fed so called adventure with no physical participation.

“No, no my friends. In those days adventure did not come without involvement, risk, and a keenly developed sense of survival. Even then, few had the courage and insatiable appetite to learn the unknown like Casey and Tim.

“One thing I can guarantee you, the word ‘boredom’ was not in Casey or Tim’s vocabulary, nor will you find it in No Time to Duck!”