Hi all. I have done a total rewrite on my book since publishing in 2013, as was suggested at that time by a well-known Amazon book critic/editor. See his comments below:

Goran: I took a look at No Time to DUCK. First the positive part is that you have a real talent for storytelling. Strong characters, realistic setting, good interaction, nice flow… If I were rating this just on the strength of the story, I would give it a full 5-star rating…
The grammar is the gist of the problem…. A five-star story with a two-star writing equals a negative review. Clean it up and make the whole thing a five-star product… You have a real gift for the storytelling part of writing, which is the creative part that cannot be taught.
Harold McFarland, editor

I am setting it up now to enable my Facebook friends to access my book directly from the publisher at a discount for the next 5 days. It should be set up in the next day or two here. Will advise and post a special link ASAP.