All the voices faded away as he concentrated on the lunker and the battle ahead.

Casey twitched the rod tip just enough to get the attention of the fish. He started retrieving the frog in short quick jerks as if the frog had seen the fish and was trying to escape.

The pond exploded. A huge northern pike came straight up out of the water and appeared to walk on its tail while it choked down the frog.

Casey jerked the pole back to set the hook and pulled the huge fish over onto its back. The fish dove for the bottom. To keep the lunker from wrapping the fish line around the boulder, Casey followed the big fish around the rock with the fishing rod tip. Then the fish made a mad dash for the lily pads while stripping the fishing line off Casey’s reel.

He was about to lose his trophy. Casey jerked his rod back as hard as he could, turning the fish around. Then, for no reason, the fish turned to open water. It wore itself out. Casey reeled in his fish, reached down, worked his fingers under the gill plate, and lifted his prize from the pond. A thirty eight inch northern pike.